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Market Statistics Platforms to Leverage Your Crypto Portfolio

Looking at the crypto market can be tough considering it’s still an emerging market class with different elements showing up every day, resulting in confusion. While there are hundreds of methods to take advantage of, a unique look at market statistics gives a huge insight on how the market behaves. Even if you don’t use it to trade directly, you have a deeper look at the trading psychology that people use. 

Here are 5 crypto market statistics platforms that leverage information in a beneficial way for the average user. These platforms can help you as a much needed tool or to look at the market from a different angle. 

Markets Science

Led by BitDealer and QuantFiction, Markets Scenice is probably one of the newest (relatively speaking) but one of the most impactful, robust, and underrated tools. They provide lots of statistical analysis including fractal information and Historical Analogs. Other features include an amazing viewpoint called Projected Range which visually shows where price may go based on the market information Markets Science provides. 

Other features include visual confirmations on relative volume and range, active pattern signals, comparisons to price action of previous days, forward returns, hourly based performance graphs, and so much more. Market Science is a legit platform you need to check out and find that element you’ve been missing on with your market analysis. Commitment to the platform ranges from free for daily Bitcoin reports to quarterly or yearly subscriptions for all access. 

Link: https://marketsscience.com/


Another contender for great market analysis is Santinent which takes a very technical approach by dealing only with on-chain activity. This provides a unique vantage point for analysis because they focus on the blockchain evidence itself and not on subjective perspectives. Analysis ranges from how many wallets on Ethereum have been created in the past month to how much money had moved (or bought/sold) at certain price points. It’s a very handy tool on your computer to check out and see what’s happening in the blockchain world. 

Santinent offers this analysis on 900+ cryptocurrencies and has recently offered an asset screener to view this on your own terms. 

Link: https://app.santiment.net/assets

DeFi Pulse

Talking crypto in 2020 wouldn’t be complete without mentioning DeFi. Crypto statistics platforms for DeFi have actually been around a little longer than you’d expect. One platform that’s a great hub for DeFi statistics is DeFi Pulse. They advertise themselves as a “curated one-stop” shop for DeFi activity in the space. 

Some market analysis that they bring to the table is Total Value Locked (TVL), Curve Dominance, and categories for each type of locked value in the space like lending, payments, and derivatives. 

Link: https://defipulse.com/


A fantastic DeFi market statistics platform is actually a wallet tracking SaaS called Zerion and if you haven’t checked them out - this is one to sign up for. Users can add their wallets to the platform to monitor price fluctuations, transaction history, and activity without actually having access to the wallets themselves. Zerion places all your wallets under one roof while giving security to your wallets since you don’t need to directly access them. 

Zerion packs a great amount of DeFi information on their platform as well, including Yield Farming, Layer-2 Tokens, Curve Pools by liquidity, and much more. You can also search their platform by using tags. 

Try them on your mobile device or on the web browser here: https://zerion.io/


A multi-purpose trading platform, no arsenal would be complete without considering one of the OGs of the space. TradingView offers a robust chart experience for dozens of exchanges from Binance to FTX, all directly on one platform. 

Crypto Screener is also a great addition to a paid subscription (ranging from $5/mo to $60/mo with discounts available) where you can compare statistics from moving average comparisons to relative volume and more. They even have stats available for my favorite indicator - the Aroon. In addition, you can also create your own scripts with PineScript and publish them to sell commercially. 

Contact me at @OtsukimiCrypto on Twitter for any questions or comments. 

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