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Gem Spotlight - Gather

Welcome back to our third Gem Spotlight. With so much going on in the crypto-verse, we want our combined industry insight and knowledge to take the guesswork out of the cryptocurrency projects we think are worth paying attention to.

In this Gems Spotlight I wanted to expand on a project that we have mentioned previously in our Gem Hunters series. Gather Network is a project that I have been watching for a while now, they have been in development for many years now and I think right now is the perfect time to launch their product into the market. Firstly lets just recap, what is Gather Network?

Gather is a platform that allows publishers to monetize without ads and provides businesses & developers access to cheap and reliable processing power. If you dive into their project medium page, you can just understand how much work and dedication the team have put into the network and it's even more exciting now that they are finally launching and partnering with some incredible projects in the space . While Gather is not a DeFi play exactly is still has some major selling points that are attractive to me, the first being a distributive business model in a very competitive space, which for me is crucial. The second major selling point for me would be that is has a real use-case in an industry that suffers from major issues in the real world, building a network on top of a blockchain to help real-world businesses in a direct way is a major selling point for me and what I am keeping my eyes on this project.

Gather Network officially listed on Bithumb and Uniswap last week, and the response and volume has already been incredible. Price listed at 0.032 and price even wicked up above 50c at one point in the first hour of listing, which is pretty crazy. Price is currently sitting at around 13c which is pretty good considering the altcoin market had a pretty significant pullback across the board. I honestly think that a sub 10c entry would be a amazing longterm entry price, and if we take the marketcap into account, Gather Network is completely undervalued in my personal opinion. I could see fair value around 30-40m.

Also another pretty interesting point is that Gather have now started to partner with some great projects in the space, the first of many has just been announced just a few hours ago. Gather has just officially partnered with Decentr, through this collaboration, Decentr will be monetizing their web browser via Gather, and will further reward their community in $DEC tokens via Gather’s loyalty program, while the Gather Ecosystem will be able to receive continuous processing power, with explicit consent via an opt in process using Decentr.

Reggie Jerath, Gather CEO’s thoughts on the new partnership:

“The Decentr web browser is a very exciting addition to our ecosystem and this partnership is a win/win for both Gather and Decentr. Gather adds more processing power to the network, and Decentr users will enjoy $DEC global payouts where Gather Online is used. Furthermore, $DEC will be exposed to first time crypto users. We will continue to build meaningful partnerships as such to grow our products’ user base.”

I honestly think that generally speaking, Gather could be one of the best potential investments right now, just due to the fact they have literally been grinding away on a real project for the past few years through a bear market and their initial marketcap is highly undervalued right now. I'm super excited to watch Gather move forward, I think they will have a super successful future in this market and the teams dedication to the project has paid off massively. Expanding their partnerships with both projects who can use their platform and projects that can offer more liquidity like exchanges is the next major step.

Also just a quick look at some of the more technical side of price action, since release price action has fallen back to around this key support level at 10c, honestly this is where I was accumulating some more GTH. This region held well over the past 48 hours and even though there seemed to be a lot of private seed sellers since launch it now seems as though sell pressure is starting to soften and buyers are starting to step in. I think over the weekend we should see price back above 15c and then honestly my personal longer term targets for this are around 60c/70c. Lots of potential for further upside from here imo.

Speaking from a personal standpoint, I am very bullish on Gather Network moving forward into Q4 of 2020 and 2021. I would consider this a gem in all aspects of the word, they have a great product and platform that is highly undervalued, have an amazingly hard working team who are dedicated and talented and have had a insanely successful token launch!