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Gem Hunters - Edition 1

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Welcome to the first episode of 'Gem Hunters' this is a series that I have wanted to write for the past few weeks, ever since we started to see lots of traction in the market with pre-sale, token hype in the DeFi space and just general excitement about new and emerging alts.

So just to recap, the last time I did an article/pick for a project like this it was first DIA, which was a super interesting project that I think could have a major lasting impact on the space in general, currently up over 6x since my initial entry and is up 2-3x since a local buy-in price that I recommended would be around fair value. The other project I mentioned was Mantra (OM), a project that is built on pokadot which is obviously a very hot topic right now and something that should be considered a major selling point in any new project, currently up around 9x since entry and 2.5x since a local buying price that was fair value ($0.20).

In this first official Gem Hunters editions, I wanted to share two projects that I think could pretty major upside over the next 1-2 months, I'm not sure how often I will release articles like this, I guess it depends on the feedback and response. Anyways, these projects are personal picks of mine, this is no way intended to be investment advice I am just journaling what I am seeing in the market and what projects are currently catching my attention.

So let's dive straight into this first gem hunters edition and look at the picks...

1) Kira Core is the first project that I wanted to highlight today going into the month of September, while this project is currently still under the radar in terms of the official launch, token generation and listing it is something that I have been keeping my eye on very closely. Kira Core is a software development company building a full-stack DeFi ecosystem and truly distributed applications, as we all know currently DeFi projects are the hot selling point in the space and bring a lot of attention to a project, also being a full-stack DeFi ecosystem is a major larger and complex project compared to some of the other launching tokens in the market. The combination of the two together has already got me interested.

Kira Core seems to just be one of the products inside of the Kira ecosystem and it looks as though the team has intentions of building this ecosystem into something special, without this being a sponsored article or actually talking to the team themselves it's hard to say for sure but this also gives me a good reason to believe their token will have some true value through use-cases and not just used to make money. One of the things mentioned in a Kira medium article was that they would be offering IDO crowdfunding, a crowdfunding mechanism where investors place their existing tokens or assets at stake using one or many PoS networks to “interchain-mine” a new token instead of liquidating their valuable assets to acquire new, highly speculative tokens. Kira Core provides staking services and all necessary tools enabling you to raise funds for your new startup! This seems pretty cool!

It is still currently very early from the outside to find all of the details about the project but I think this little mention in this article will hopefully just push you in the right direction to keep your ear to the street when it comes to Kira and their launch/token generation event over the coming weeks/months whenever that may be. I will have to wait a little longer to go into pricing/tokenomics just so I can get a clear picture but its definitely exciting.

2) Gather Network is the second project I want to pick for the coming few months, while this project is once again very easy on in terms of its token generation event and listing the project has actually been around for the majority of the bear marketing, building something special and developing new technology. Gather is a platform that allows publishers to monetize without ads and provides businesses & developers access to cheap and reliable processing power. If you dive into their project medium page you can just understand how much work and dedication the team have put into the network and it's even more exciting now that they are finally launching their pre-sale investment and launching a brand new clean website to kick things off. While Gather is not a DeFi play exactly is still has some major selling points that are attractive to me, the first being a distributive business model in a very competitive space, which for me is crucial. The second major selling point for me would be that is has a real use-case in an industry that suffers from major issues in the real world, building a network on top of a blockchain to help real-world businesses in a direct way is a major selling point for me and what I am keeping my eyes on this project.

Similar to Kira Core, Gather is still only in the stage of taking requests for pre-sale allocation so there is still no announcement when it comes to listing, launch and general pricing etc so we will have to see how it unfolds. I really like the fact that this is a real project that has been in development for a long time, this is not some money grab DeFi play that has just been thrown together, the team has really impressed me and I so excited to get on board when they release. Thinking this project will do well after launch and keeping my eyes on it!

Ok, so that's pretty much it for this first edition of Gem Hunters, I don't want to make this a super in-depth breakdown into projects, more just casual talks about picks that I personally will see huge gains in the near/mid future. If you enjoyed this or want more editions over the coming weeks then please leave a comment below and share it with your friends as it really helps. I really want to help as many people as possible find out about new projects just as they are on the cusp of seeing some upside momentum and I love even more that we are doing it all for free! Thanks for reading this article, we really appreciate all the support!

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