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Gem Hunters - Edition 2

Welcome back to the second episode of 'Gem Hunters' this is a series that I have wanted to write for the past few weeks, ever since we started to see lots of traction in the market with pre-sale, token hype in the DeFi space and just general excitement about new and emerging altcoins! I really hope this episode helps you find some new gems! Let's go!

Just to recap over the last episode of Gem Hunters, we looked into two projects that were looking to be major successes as they get ready for their public launch. I am really excited that the market is looking technically strong right now in terms of HTF momentum. I also just want to recap over the position on DIA that was taken a few weeks ago on telegram, today I closed out a good portion of my DIA at $4.75 which was around a 9x from my initial entry.

In this second official Gem Hunters editions, I wanted to share two projects that I think could see some pretty major upside over the next 1-2 months, I'm not sure how often I will release articles like this, I guess it depends on the feedback and response... but considering the response has been fucking incredible so far these editions will happen every week while the market is hot... once the market calms down then we could reduce the release to bi-weekly.

So let's dive straight into this first gem hunters edition and look at the picks...

1) Riochain is the first project that I would like to talk about in this weeks episode,Riochain is a DeFi based ecosystem in the blockchain space that comes ready-made with a comprehensive suite of tools. Rio Wallet is accessible from either a smart phone or web browser, enabling users to store a wide variety of digital assets. Rio Block Explorer allows anyone to easily monitor the network, view transactions, and check wallet balances.

One of the things I want to point out about Riochain is that they are raising quite a lot of money for their private and public sale, while their raise maybe a little high in a normal market, currently they can probably successfully raise the full amount in this market with ease just due to the market conditions. In this current market, I don't think it really matters how much a project is raising, the only major factors are token lockup and a solid working product which Riochain has. The project is super interesting and is in the DeFi space which lines up with the hype in the current market.

The vision of Riochain is a world in which everyone has access to decentralized financial (DeFi) services. To that end, Riochain has developed applications that connect people directly to digital assets, mobile payments, and DeFi services such as savings and lending. The Riochain solution enables lower transaction fees, faster confirmations, energy efficiency, secure storage, and global reach.

I know the currently private sale of Riochain is over but I'm pretty confident that their public sale and listing will be sometime soon so this would be a project I would be looking to flip on listing. Just like many other listed projects right now, you can usually pick up a strong bag as private sale investors usually sell off some of their bags. This is my current plan.

2) DAOfi the second project that I would like to highlight in this Gem Hunter episode is DAOfi, this really is a gem in terms of what I would consider a gem, this is pretty much a brand new project that is being developed and founded by an all-star team. Now I am aware that the private sale for this project is currently sold out but, to be honest, this would be a really good longterm hold if you can pick some up on listing. Listing and public sale dates are still unconfirmed from the team, but I'm guessing we could expect some type of announcement over the coming 2 months. Brand new projects like this are crucial to watch.

DAOfi is a scalable DAO governed decentralized exchange built for community use cases. The token economy formed for DAOfi employs an experimental new strategy for creating a self-sustaining ecosystem. DAOfi will serve as the primitive token, used both to reward contributors to the network and govern the protocol. The mission for DAOfi is to provide a lightweight, flexible infrastructure for healthy token economies.

Andrew Lee is currently leading DAOfi, you probably already know him from his major impact in the DeFi space with Karma DAO. Andrew and the team behind DAOfi have shown previously they are more than capable of developing brand new technology that truly pushes the DeFi space forward, so, in terms of the team, I'm a big fan of this project. The fact it's a DeFi play with an all-star team member leading the project brings me a lot of confidence in the project and I am excited to see what they can achieve.

This project has a little higher risk generally in terms of investment, just due to the fact that the project is literally brand new, in terms of both development and marketing. Now I do strongly believe the team will make a huge success out of this project, that is why it is in this episode of Gem Hunters. The opportunity to jump in on listing and being able to ride this project for the next couple of months or even through next year is amazing, especially just due to the overall growth and continued growth we will see in the DeFi finance. I would really not be sleeping on this project, follow them on twitter or telegram and stay tuned!

Ok, so that's pretty much it for the second edition of Gem Hunters, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their continued support on this written series. These are really good project I think could provide all readers of this article true value, I don't ask anything in return, everything is free and we love writing content for everyone! Thanks again and please if you did enjoy remember to share this article with friends and family!

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